Easter Outfit Details!

Hey readers! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter if you celebrate and if not a lovely Sunday! Easter is such a special and beautiful holiday and my family looks forward to celebrating it every year. We always get dressed up and go to a nice brunch after church service! My mom always chooses a new place to go for brunch each year to keep things fun and exciting. We like to mix things up! This year we went to a beautiful hotel where my parents got married down the shore. It was so cool to go there because I have only ever seen the hotel in pictures and it was awesome to see my parents reminiscing and hearing adorable stories about their wedding day. After brunch we went down by the ocean to take some pictures and nothing makes me happier than posing in the sunshine and hearing the waves crash in the background! Below are some of my favorite moments from the day and outfit details! Let’s get into it -> Continue reading

A Night in NYC : Gap x GalMeetsGlam Event

Hi readers! This past Tuesday I took a quick trip into NYC along with bff Nicole (she’s an amazing blogger so deff check out her website) of http://www.empirestyles.com to meet the lovely Julia Engel of http://www.galmeetsglam.com! I have been reading Julia’s blog forever and she has always been one of my biggest idol’s and inspirations. A few weeks ago when Julia tweeted out that she was going to be hosting a Gap fashion event in NYC I knew that I had to go. It wasn’t until the night before the event that I got a text from Nicole asking if I wanted to go with her and I couldn’t pass it up…I had been wanting to go since the first time I saw her tweet! We hopped onto the train after classes ended that day along with my sister Cammie and to the Big Apple we went! I am going to be sharing some of my favorite pictures and moments from the event!  Continue reading

The Perfect Pink Pout!


Hey readers! Spring is only one week away…can you believe it!? I’m beyond ready for warm weather and sun kissed skin; however, I must admit that I’m most excited to transition into wearing my Spring and Summer wardrobe and to rock glowy/light makeup looks! In the Springtime I love nothing more than wearing a pink lip. Something about it just screams the season…so colorful and happy! Recently I have been on the hunt for the perfect pink lip products to swipe on just in time for the flowers to blossom! Today I am going to be sharing with you guys my favorite finds! Let’s get into it -> Continue reading

A Sunday Well Spent: Friends, Food, and Adventure

Hi readers! I’m always up for going on an adventure and I love to explore! Last week in school during lunchtime I took out my phone, looked at the weather and saw that it was going to be sunny, beautiful and warm on the weekend… I knew that I had to do something. My twin sister Cammie and I picked up our phones immediately and texted our friend Francesca because we haven’t seen her in awhile and she’s always down for a fun time! We planned that we were going to explore a local college campus, do a mini photoshoot, and grab crepes after for a late lunch! I think that it so important to get out of the house and explore local beauty and nature especially with friends and family…you are bound to have an awesome time! Below I am going to show you guys the pictures we took on our day of exploration along with some descriptions…let’s get into it! Continue reading