A Night in NYC : Gap x GalMeetsGlam Event

Hi readers! This past Tuesday I took a quick trip into NYC along with bff Nicole (she’s an amazing blogger so deff check out her website) of http://www.empirestyles.com to meet the lovely Julia Engel of http://www.galmeetsglam.com! I have been reading Julia’s blog forever and she has always been one of my biggest idol’s and inspirations. A few weeks ago when Julia tweeted out that she was going to be hosting a Gap fashion event in NYC I knew that I had to go. It wasn’t until the night before the event that I got a text from Nicole asking if I wanted to go with her and I couldn’t pass it up…I had been wanting to go since the first time I saw her tweet! We hopped onto the train after classes ended that day along with my sister Cammie and to the Big Apple we went! I am going to be sharing some of my favorite pictures and moments from the event! 


First Nicole, Cammie and I arrived at the train station because it’s the easiest way to get into the city from where we live! The rush of the trains amped up my excitement and I was so eager in the best way possible to arrive into my favorite city!


As soon as we got to Penn Station we grabbed coffee’s and panini’s at Starbucks and then ventured to the Herald Square Gap store where the event was being held. We arrived early and it was the perfect opportunity to take some pictures! I love how this snap captures what I love most about NYC…the rush of the people crossing the streets and the bright yellow taxi’s zooming past…it’s my favorite view in the world! IMG_7296

After snapping pictures for a good 15 minutes it was time for the Gap event to kick off! We walked through the black ropes and security checked us in! As soon as we entered into the store I spotted Julia and her husband/photographer Thomas talking to a few girls. Nicole, Cammie and I lingered around the area and when the girls finished chatting with Julia it was our turn to meet her! IMG_7295

Julia and her husband greeted us with friendly hello and a handshake! We got right to talking about blogging, photography, and traveling. Julia gave me awesome advice and some insight on her future plans for GMG! She was one of the sweetest, kindest, and loveliest people I have ever met. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet her!


Now that we had met it was time to enjoy the Gap event! They hired a DJ, there were drinks, photo stations, and shopping of course! It was so nice to get the opportunity to mingle with other bloggers and I got to meet my friend Shelby of http://www.thegolddime.com in real life which was really cool!


I loved how Gap merchandised their store…there were so many pieces that I wanted to pick up for this Spring!

I hope you guy’s enjoyed reading about my trip into the city! Meeting Julia was a dream and I had a blast meeting other bloggers and hanging out at the store. Keep in touch with my adventures throughout the week by following me on twitter @lexieslifeblog and on Instagram @lexieslifexo!

xo, Lexie


4 thoughts on “A Night in NYC : Gap x GalMeetsGlam Event

  1. Carissa says:

    Hey lovely! So while reading your blog, I feel like I’m present for the magic that you experience and create in the world. Thanks for being so passionate about discovering and creating beauty! That joy of Jesus is totally shining through! You’re wonderful and I love you, Miss Lexie !!
    PS can’t wait to see your Easter outfit 😉


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