Sun and Stripes in Salem

Last weekend my family and I took a quick trip to Massachusetts to do some exploring and visit family! I’ve been to Massachusetts once before a few summers ago and I fell in love with the state. We vacationed in Boston and the Cape and did a day trip to Martha’s Vineyard. To say it was breathtaking is a complete understatement. This time around we visited Salem and Marblehead. Again, the beauty of the areas we visited mesmerized me. Every place we adventured was surrounded by gorgeous water and boats, the sun was shining bright and the air was warm and breezy. Below are some of my favorite moments from the trip!



Our first stop was Marblehead which is an exclusive and gorgeous coastal town. I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking out of the window as we drove by all of the colossal homes and vast, serene water. The view was too picturesque not to capture, so we pulled over and jumped out of the car and started snapping away. The rocky New England coast is so unique and beautiful. This was truly one of the most magnificent places I have ever seen.







One of my favorite places we visited this weekend was Salem! Before visiting, the only thing I knew about Salem was that the witch trials were held there because of years learning about it in history class. As we walked around, there were some witch houses and museums, however; it was clear that little piece of history was not the only cool thing about this town! The area is surrounded by water and there are a bunch of cute, quaint shops lining the cobblestone streets selling the coolest clothing and accessories. I stumbled upon one of the best vintage stores I have ever been to and there will be a post up next sunday all about it! What I loved most about Salem is all of the cool people who live there, the artsy atmosphere, and that I got to shop with a waterfront view. My sister Cammie and I stopped along the water to snap some pics and admire the gorgeous boats and sunshine. What a stunning view!






After a long and exciting day of walking around we stopped for dinner at a beautiful restaurant in town with waterfront views and met my cousin Matt and his girlfriend Julie there. We went out for seafood of course because of how fresh and local it is in this area! Our family ordered some shrimp as an appetizer and it was honestly the best I have ever had! For dinner, I got a white pizza with shrimp, lemon ricotta, bacon, and fresh herbs…delicious! Dessert is always my favorite part of any meal and the menu was stamped onto the table which was super cool! We ordered the blueberry ice cream which was a special, a white chocolate banana mouse napoleon, and coffee…it was so yummy!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my quick trip to Massachusetts! Hopefully, I will be visiting again in the near future. Keep up with my adventures throughout the week by following my instagram @lexieslifexo and my twitter @lexieslifeblog! Have a lovely week everyone!

xo, Lexie





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