1960’s Vintage Pink Coat

A few weekends ago while I was walking around the charming town of Salem, I stumbled upon a vintage shop called The Joyful Artisans. Naturally I had to stop in and take a peak because I adore anything and everything vintage! As I walked through the doors, I was greeted with the warmest, friendliest welcome from the lovely owner Christine Mendyk. Her shop is absolutely beautiful…the walls are covered in every type of hat imaginable, the tables are coated with ridiculously gorgeous jewelry, and the racks of clothes and shoes are filled with absolute treasures. My eyes were darting in every which way looking at all of the merchandise…I was amazed at all of the inventory she had in her space! I could have spent a year in the store and still not see everything that she carried. Making my way towards the back of the store, I spotted something pink. I ran over to the rack, picked up the hanger, and before my eyes was the most beautiful piece of clothing I have ever seen…a long wool, silk lined, 1960’s coat. It was a showstopper. Without even looking at the size, I quickly unbuttoned the coat and threw it on…it was a perfect fit. Everything from the structure of the coat, to the deep pockets, to the crisp collar, and sweet buttons had me swooning. I walked out from behind the rack towards the front of the shop and when the owner Christine saw me in the coat, she was in awe! I didn’t even know what I looked like yet in it yet so she directed me to the mirror…I was speechless. Never have I felt more beautiful or confident in anything and I knew that I was meant to have this vintage beauty. I have wanted a long pink coat like this for ages. If you are ever in a cool town I would encourage you to pop your head into a vintage store and take a look around…you may just find exactly what you have dreamed of! Below are some of my favorite pictures in the coat and I am going to be including information about Christine’s shop in case you are ever traveling to or near Salem! This is a store that you will not regret visiting!






I Hope you all enjoyed reading about this darling pink coat! I can’t wait to go back to Salem and hopefully next time pick up some of her gorgeous sun hats when I’m in the area! What is your favorite thing you have purchased from a vintage shop? Instagram a pic and tag me @lexieslifexo or tweet me a pic @lexieslifeblog! Here is all of the information regarding Christine’s shop! The Joyful Artisans Supernaturals 57 Wharf Street, Salem MA (508)-844-1759 (and make sure to like her page on Facebook!) New post will be up next Sunday…get ready for more travel posts!

xo, Lexie


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