Virginia is for Lovers

Hi lovely readers!

Last weekend my family and I took a quick trip to Virginia (obsessed with their state motto “Virginia is for Lovers”…too cute!) and I couldn’t have had a more amazing time! Whenever I take trips with my family we are always bound to have lots of fun, lots of laughs, and create memories that we know we will be talking about for years to come. We visited two places during our stay! Keep reading to find out where!

Our first stop : Ashland, Virginia  

Ashland is such a sweet and quaint little town…it is literally the epitome of southern charm. Everywhere you go there are nice and friendly people who talk to you like you’ve known them forever. Throughout the small town of Ashland runs a train station right through the middle of main street with shops and restaurants lining the road. This town is also home to Randolph Macon College which is by far one of the most beautiful colleges I have ever visited. The campus is stunning, with a huge water fountain in the middle of campus and beautiful colonial style southern buildings surrounding it which just pulled at my heartstrings. I’m a sucker for rocking chairs and huge white columns! Below are some of my fave moments from my stay here!


This is the train station in the middle of town that runs up and down the coast!



I kept my look simple while exploring Ashland…a simple black cropped tank, chambray shirt, patterned pants and my monogram necklace! I always recommend bringing some sort of light jacket or button down shirt with you when you travel because you can throw it over any outfit or tie it around your waist and it still looks stylish…it’s all about packing something that’s fashionable yet practical!


One of the best restaurants in Ashland (and probably one of the best I have ever been to) is called the Iron Horse. In the picture above is the creamy cauliflower soup I ordered that was drizzled with truffle oil and it was to die for! In the image below I got shrimp risotto with asparagus, and fresh herbs, finished in a lemon saffron sauce and I am still dreaming about it…what a beautiful meal it was! For dessert, I got homemade key lime pie (and you can’t beat this pie in the South)…I didn’t even have time to properly capture it because I scarfed it down as soon as I got it!



Seeing this building made me fall in love with Randolph Macon College…so charming and beautiful!


This water fall is so precious and I love how this is the center of the campus.


Again, the architecture of these buildings are simply stunning…




How sweet are these adirondack chairs in their school colors!? They are scattered all around campus under the big shady trees! I saw some students doing their homework sitting in these and it looked like a dream…what a beautiful scene to be surrounded by lush greenery while hitting the books.


Our Second Stop: Richmond, Virginia 

What a beautiful city Richmond is! It is the first time I have ever visited and I am already trying to plan when I will be back. Our family explored the University of Richmond which is an absolute dream…everything about this school is so pretty and elegant! I saw some of the most amazing homes I have laid eyes on as we were driving through the up scale neighborhoods. We stopped for lunch and shopping in a section of Richmond called Carytown which is adorable and I had the best time there…I definitely recommend stopping there if you are ever in the area. We also walked around the capital and it was really cool experience!



University of Richmond’s campus really speaks for itself…so grandiose and beautiful!



The football field was huge…I just kept imagining how much fun it would be to go to the games with a bunch of friends!



This University has its very own pond with a bridge and as you pass over the bridge you are exposed to hiking trails which are awesome for the students! The bridge is a great spot for pictures on campus.




This is the International Studies building and it was by far one of my favorite buildings on campus. I love how the globe is in the center, representing so many different background and cultures.


We stopped in Carytown for lunch and shopping and I was in heaven. I had an amazing burger with a fried egg and bacon on top (if you have never had this you HAVE to try it…you will never want to eat a normal burger again trust me) and french fries! Then I shopped around at the local boutiques which all carried unique and gorgeous clothing…and again I had the nicest shopping experience because of how sweet the people are down south! I love it here.






The financial/government section of Richmond is filled with a multitude of different architectural buildings that are all so unique! It was really cool to explore the capital.



Richmond was in full bloom and I couldn’t resist capturing these gorgeous flowers…nature’s blows my mind…what a treasure these flowers are!



Posing in the sunshine and flowers…I wish I could have stayed forever! I am wearing this off the shoulder black top with cream embroidery and I’m obsessed with it! I paired this top with black skinnies and white sandals…so comfortable and cute to walk around the big city all day!

I hope you guys enjoyed about reading my trip to Virginia! More adventures coming soon and I can’t wait to share with you! Don’t forget to follow me on my instagram @lexieslifexo and on twitter @lexieslifeblog. Write to you all soon!

xo, Lexie





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