Why I’m Obsessing Over Aloe!

Whenever I hear the word aloe, sunburned skin comes to mind! It is the ultimate cooling relief after a day of too much sun exposure. Last weekend, I took a trip to the beach and got a bit of color on my face. As soon as I came home I decided to put a pump of after sun aloe lotion all over. My face felt so much better almost instantaneously but I was unaware of what other benefits aloe lotion was having on my skin…get ready for a #miracle. Over this past week I ditched my usual moisturizer for the aloe lotion and have been amazed with the results. Besides the fact that it provides cooling relief after a sunburn, aloe also helps to cure/get rid of hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. After doing some research I found that aloe vera is one of the most gentle and effective treatments for hyperpigmentation. People have been using this plant for thousands of years to treat various skin conditions.The redness on my face has been disappearing more and more as each day passes and I couldn’t be any happier. I am amazed at how quickly it is helping my skin tone to even out. I have tried everything in the book (so many different creams and serums) to get rid of the redness on my face and finally I have found that aloe is the cure! In the summer months I don’t wear my full coverage foundation and tend to go for a more barefaced look. Having beautiful skin (thanks to aloe!) definitely makes me feel so much more confident when I’m not covered up! You can pick up aloe lotion at your local target, surf shop when you’re at the beach, or order it online. If you try this out and notice a difference in your skin I would love to know…tweet me (social media info below). Have a lovely week everyone!


xo, Lexie

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