My experience at FAME Trade Show in NYC!

This past May, I got the amazing opportunity to attend the FAME trade show in New York City. This is a clothing/shoes/accessory show hosted by the BJI Fashion Group at the Javits Center. This was my first time ever attending a buying show and I can’t even express how much fun I had (surrounded by thousands of pieces of clothing yes please)… and on a more serious note how much I learned! I got to go as an assistant buyer with the local boutique I work for.

Sharing this amazing experience with my co-worker and BFF Nicole of and two other store associates was a dream come true because all of us look to pursue careers in the fashion industry. Our boss Linda gave us the task of shopping for our summer line, which included picking out everything from clothing to hats to accessories! Some summer trends that were shown everywhere consisted of lace, gingham, crochet, colorful prints, as well as tie-dye and all things flowy! We definitely got a little carried away with all of the pieces we bought but… it was so worth it because our customers are currently going bananas over the merchandise!

Vendors come to the show from all over the United States. They have individual stations where they display all of their company’s pieces on racks. My job was to pull the sample pieces and wait to get the approval of our head buyer. Once I got the okay that the piece was good for our store and our customer my boss placed the order and we moved onto the next vendor and repeated the process! We went to countless vendors and made sure to stop at some of our store favorites first!

Being at this show made me fall in love with the fashion industry even more than before (I didn’t know my heart was capable of loving something so much!) and I wouldn’t have traded this day for the world. Below are some of my favorite moments captured from the day! I hope you all enjoyed this post and make sure to head over to Nicole’s blog to read all about her experience! Also! I am officially on summer vacation and I’m elated…expect lots of fashion and travel posts!






xo, Lexie


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