Fourth of July Reflections

The fourth of July is one of those holidays that I just get so excited about. There is always something fun going on, whether it be BBQ’s with friends/family, laying out a blanket and watching the fireworks, or spending the day at the lake or beach. Personally, I like to lay low on the fourth and hang out with my family. My parents will grill the night away, while my sisters and I relax on the back deck. As the sky darkens, all of us will sit around the table, watch the fireworks, and tell funny stories…and boy does my dad have a lot to tell! Picking out a fourth of July outfit now sure does look a lot different from when I was younger. If your parents didn’t make you wear the Old Navy flag tee are you really American!? HAHA! This year I went for a bold red lip, a chambray dress, and white sandals…definitely a lot more understated than when I was kid, but still very patriotic! How did you spend your holiday? Let me know in the comments below!









xo, Lexie



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