Sunrise in St. Tropez

St. Tropez, one of the most exclusive, glamorous, and most beautiful towns in the French Riviera. This place has been on my travel wish list for ages and I couldn’t believe that we were actually going to be visiting. Piling into the car before dawn, we maneuvered the windy roads through the mountains from Toulon and arrived in St. Tropez in a little over an hour…just in time to watch the sunrise over the mediterranean.

We parked the car on one of the many colorful streets and started to walk through town toward the port. Vacationers sat outside in wicker chairs at local cafe’s sipping their morning espresso and munching on all of the delicious french patisserie.

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Sweet little streets with colors that are sure to brighten any day are a defining feature of this glamorous beach town.


High end stores and fancy little shops are scattered all over with the prettiest of window displays, catering to the classy clientele.

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Nearing the port I was allured by the crystal clear blue waters of the med…the morning light glistened on the crashing waves, truly a sight to see.


Super yachts filled the port, some even bigger than the houses back at home. I was dazzled by how extravagant and massive they were; multiple party decks, perfectly polished silver detailing, and butlers bringing guests their morning feasts seemed too perfect to be true.



I advanced toward the rocky coast, watching the birds soar through the pink and blue sunrise.

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The sun was slowly creeping higher and higher into the sky, projecting the most gorgeous golden light over the mountains in the distance.


I could have stayed there forever, admiring the peaceful sea and insane views.

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One of St. Tropez’s specialties is their famous pastry called the Tarte Tropezienne. It is essential to try this dessert when visiting here! Buttery Brioche filled with rich vanilla pastry cream topped with sugar crystals is sure to be the dessert of your dreams. I still cannot stop thinking about it! I wish I could have snapped a pic but as soon as the pastry was in my hand it looked to good to not start chowing down right away…I guess you’ll just have to visit yourself to see and taste this delicious specialty!

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I certainly wouldn’t mind watching the sunrise everyday in St. Tropez!

xo, Lexie



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