Woman Up / Fashion x Feminism

Happy 2017 readers! A month hasn’t even passed and yet this year has already been filled with events that will be remembered for a lifetime. I’m writing this post to reflect on how completely awe-inspiring the Women’s Marches that took place today were to me. Not only did these marches take place all over cities across the United States but the entire WORLD. I couldn’t be more proud to not only be a woman but to experience this historical and powerful day.

Feminism and women’s rights ignite a passionate fire inside my soul that demands action. Seeing millions of people go out into the universe and protest with all of their hearts and minds to bring awareness and power to issues women face everyday is absolutely incredible. When I stop and truly think about the power that words have, it quite honestly scares me. Words have the power to lift someone up, tear someone down, or completely alter someone’s world. Today, when reading the signs on social media that people all over the world created, I can confidently say that those profound statements completely changed my world. Words were put to their best use, declaring truths that empower and serve. To say I was emotional today would be a total understatement. I was given the opportunity to get a glimpse into my sister’s souls all over the world. Today, January 21 2017 was a day I experienced sisterhood like never before… and the craziest part is that I got to experience this through my cell phone…now this is what social media was created for! Imagine if we always put social media to use like this, spreading important messages and shedding light on changes and movements that need to be made.

I have found that mixing my passion for fashion and feminism is the best way to express how I feel about this movement. I have loved fashion since I was a little girl and my clothing has always been THE way I express myself. I still remember the first magazine that taught me that it was OKAY to express myself through my clothing. That magazine was (and still is) Teen Vogue. I truly believe that Teen Vogue has shaped me into being the strong, independent, fearless woman I am today. From learning that it was okay to dress however I wanted, to Teen Vogue’s recent articles regarding important social and political issues, this magazine has made me a well-rounded #girlboss. I can’t thank the writers and editors and celebrity features enough for making such an impact on my life. In particular, thank you to Elaine Welteroth for shaping me into a strong woman and feminist. I recently just ordered a heather gray sweatshirt with the word “feminist” written across it to start to express my views about women’s rights. I can’t wait to build my feminist clothing collection because the more I wear, the more opportunity I have to spread a message and possibly alter someone’s thoughts or best yet, world.

So woman up! The future is female…the future is ours! As Digital Editorial Director of Teen Vogue, Phillip Picardi tweeted “Every time I get concerned today, I just remind myself that teenage girls are going to save the whole damn world”.

xo, Lexie

P.S. I would totally love to see your pictures from today’s movement if you were actively involved in a march!  If you experienced today via internet like me, I would love to know what signs and precious moments inspired YOU! Make sure to comment below! If you are looking to buy feminist apparel make sure to check out Etsy shops (I got my “Feminist” sweatshirt from a shop called SundayVibesShop) as well as http://www.feministapparel.com!

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