Graduation Recap 

I finally graduated! Moving the tassle and throwing my cap into the air was seriously the most liberating moment of my life. From decorating my cap, to getting my nails done, to choosing my outfit, I had loads of fun getting ready for the big day!

To say that I was excited to be done with high school would be an extreme understatement, partly because I was so over the same routine I’ve been doing for four years, but mostly because I cannot wait for college! I am beyond proud to announce that I will officially be furthering my academic career at Randolph-Macon College in Virginia! I have an amazing roommate and have made such awesome friends that I am so thankful for. I cannot wait to start my college journey, but first, graduating high school called for some celebration! 

I graduated with my best friend and twin sister Cammie which made the day even more special. Taking pictures together and being able to share the bliss of this moment was incredible. I couldn’t have done it without her constant support and motivation. My family from all over came to celebrate this special time with me and I couldn’t be more grateful to have such an amazing and encouraging family!

We had an unforgettable party making memories that will last a lifetime. Throughout the party I couldn’t help but realize that I am truly starting a new chapter in my life. I am extremely excited for a new beginning and am looking forward to the next adventure! Below I included some of my favorite pictures from my graduation day and party! I will cherish these forever.

Look forward to lots of new posts! I can’t wait to share my summer adventures with you!

xo, lexie

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