Pandemic Fitness Favorites!

During the pandemic, we have all had to make the transition to at-home workouts! If you’re an avid gym-goer like me, this adjustment has been far from easy…but nonetheless we make it work. I have successfully transformed my dining room into my personal fitness studio. It has become my new “happy place” in the house!

Naturally, my workouts have changed quite a bit considering I don’t have full weight rack and a treadmill at home. I must admit that I was anxious at first knowing that I would be without some equipment that I always utilize at the gym; however, I have truly been having a great time trying new workouts and challenging myself in different ways. With the implementation of new workouts, the need for better (and more) at-home fitness equipment has come.

Below, I am rounding up some of the fitness equipment investments that I have made throughout the pandemic! These products have changed the quality of workouts that I am having in a drastic way. I am so excited to share these incredible finds with you!

Manduka ProLite Yoga Mat 


During this time, I have been taking lots of yoga, barre and pilates classes online…all of which require a yoga mat! I had a yoga mat previously, but it was cheap, thin and not great for my back and knees…not to mention that I was also slipping and sliding during workouts. I knew that I couldn’t go on like this, so I decided to invest in a Manduka yoga mat; a brand that is loved and trusted by yogi’s all over the world.

Now that I have been practicing on this mat for 3 months, I cannot imagine ever using another mat. The ProLite has incredible cushion for maximum comfort and performance grip to prevent slipping and sliding! The mat is also crafted with closed cell construction so that sweat and bacteria doesn’t get trapped in your mat ensuring that it stays smelling fresh. Lastly, Manduka mats are made in an emissions-free facility so it is safe and ethical. No wonder why the ProLite has a lifetime guarantee! This is an investment that you will not regret…you’ll always need a yoga mat!

Manduka x YogiToes Yoga Towel 


Now that I have a Yoga Towel, I cannot imagine practicing without one! A yoga towel is a thin towel that you place over your yoga mat to further prevent slipping and sliding. Many people that practice hot yoga use this because it is a very sweaty workout. My barre and pilates class have me dripping, so I needed some extra slip and slide prevention… this yoga towel did the trick!

The YogiToes towel has slip-prevention technology, is lightweight, absorbent and drys very quickly! There are silicon dots on the back of the towel that grip to the yoga mat, ensuring that the towel stays in place during your workout. This towel is also eco-friendly, as it is made with at least 4 recycled plastic bottles! I feel really good about investing my money in a product that is very eco-conscious and is reputable. There are tons of fun colors and patterns to choose from to spice up your yoga mat and keep you in place during your workout!

Saucony Freedom ISO 2 Running Shoe


If you know me, running is kinda my thing! I took up running a few years ago when my family rented a beach house and there was no gym…I had to get my workout in somehow! From then on, I never looked back. From years of experience, I have learned that a runner’s best friend is a good pair of sneakers. Luckily, I have a professional running store close to my house, and was able to get fitted (before the pandemic) based on my running style (neutral) and foot in order to find my perfect shoe!

And perfect is definitely what I found. I truly cannot think of one thing that I don’t like about the Freedom Iso 2’s. The knitted material of the shoe makes it super lightweight and airy! It is designed equally for road running (which is solely what I have been doing), and the gym, when it is safe to return. The sole of the shoe has an “EVERUN” technology that provides a great bounce. Not only does this shoe carry me effortlessly through each stride, it also provides exceptional comfort while doing so.

Gaiam Mini Loop Resistance Bands 


Before the pandemic, I never worked with loop bands…and boy, was I missing out! These resistance bands elevate the intensity of your workout tenfold. Not to mention that they leave you sore for days! Barre workouts have become a new passion for me, and slipping these bands over my thighs during my workouts have been a huge game changer for me.

If you love an added challenge to your workout like I do, getting some resistance bands does the trick. I have seen my strength transform because of my consistent work with these resistance bands. There’s a plethora of workouts that you can easily find on YouTube that are designed around the use of loop bands alone. You won’t regret adding this equipment to your fitness collection, and you won’t regret seeing your body transform!

I hope that you all enjoyed this roundup of my pandemic fitness favorites! Stay safe and healthy.

xo, Lexie