Rooftop Views // New York, New York

There is absolutely no place in the world like New York City. The magical energy that comes from the diversity, bustling streets, and dream chasers is simply unmatched. Every time I visit this incredible place, I am overwhelmed with massive amounts of inspiration and the feeling that I can conquer the world. While scrolling on Instagram a few weeks back, pictures of bloggers and social media influencers at The Whitney Museum of American Art kept popping up onto my feed. They all had taken epic photos on the rooftop of the museum with one of the most beautiful cityscape backgrounds I have ever seen! I had a girls trip to the city planned out with my amazing friends Nicole and Caroline and knew that we totally had to check it out! They were so in, and to The Whitney we went! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we walked through the glass doors out onto the platform. We were greeted with the most astonishing view in front of our very eyes. It was truly breathtaking seeing New York from this perspective. The location of the museum couldn’t be better. Not only do you get a view of the Hudson River and Hoboken skyline, but you get a glimpse of the Empire State Building! I could have stayed there for hours just looking out in admiration, taking in the immense beauty of this city. One day I hope to call this place my home.








Look out for lots of posts coming up covering my college adventures! I can’t wait to share them all with you!

xo, lexie




Hydrangea Heaven

I’m a total sucker for every and all types of flowers but hydrangeas….they hold a super special place in my heart! I remember falling for this flower the first time I saw them. I was vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard when I noticed that all of the houses were lined with these lush bushes filled with the most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen. I immediately asked my mom what they were called and when she told me, that very moment, hydrangeas became my all time favorite flower! When my parents broke the news that we were going to be vacationing in Long Beach Island I got insanely excited. Hydrangeas grow best in sandy soil and what better place to find sandy soil than the beach!? I knew that I was going to see loads of gorgeous hydrangeas and boy was I right! Bold blues, hot pinks, bright whites, soft blushes and light purple petals were scattered everywhere adding a bright pop of color against the dark green leaves. I was in heaven snapping away, trying to capture all of the beauty! I mean just look at them!








One day I hope to line my future house with hydrangea bushes! What is your favorite flower? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, lexie

West 4 Tattoo // New York, New York 

This past Thursday my family and I headed into the city for a very special day…my first tattoos! My entire life, I never really envisioned myself with ink. Both of my parents have lots of tattoos and I have always thought they were cool but never necessarily for me. Recently my sister got tattooed and while she was looking for ideas she introduced me West 4 Tattoo’s Instagram page. West 4 specializes in fine line tattoo’s and I had never seen anything like them before. They were so delicate, dainty, feminine, and beautiful. As I continued to scroll through this shop’s work my mind was completely altered. I decided right then that I HAD TO get fine line tattoos! Coincidentally, my friend Shelby went to West 4 a few days after I decided that I wanted to get a tattoo there! Her work was done by tattoo artist JK Kim and she had her aunt’s signature done. The line work and quality was impeccable. I contacted JK that day after I decided what I wanted to get tattooed. I then made my appointment for flowers on my arm and a heart on the back of my neck!

I can’t recommend West 4 Tattoo enough. The shop is super cool and clean, the front desk staff is so friendly and helpful, and the artists are so nice and unbelievably talented! JK was so sweet and I seriously cannot stop staring at my work. It is truly a piece of art. I am so thankful for such a great experience and look forward to getting some more ink done in the future! I am going to be including all of this shop’s information in case you are looking to get tatted! West 4 has tattooed lots of celebrities including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Justin Bieber to name a few so come financially equipped and book your appointments as soon as possible…the books fill up super quickly! If you have any questions definitely leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them!

West 4 Tattoo: 163 West 4 St New York, New York 10014 

Head over to for further information including hours, contact information etc. 

xo, lexie