My Dream Came True / 31 Rue Cambon

I have loved fashion ever since I could begin to remember. When I was little, my mom used to give me her old pashmina scarves and I would create dresses out them. Trying to drape the best that I could manage with safety pins, I spent hours in my room perfecting my creations. As soon as my designs were complete, a runway show (that took place in my upstairs hallway) would immediately follow! My family would stand at the end of the hallway and clap as I modeled my very own designs. My love for fashion since then has only grown.

As I matured and got older, I became fascinated by high-end designers, my favorite being Chanel. I spent countless hours reading books and researching online about the brand and Mademoiselle Chanel herself. I was enthralled by her story, her empire, and chic, ladylike designs…she was (and still is) my idol. I can vividly remember coming across pictures of the first Chanel boutique, obsessing over how beautiful it was and seeing the address 31 Rue Cambon 75001 Paris, France. From the first moment I saw the boutique online, I promised myself that I would go to Paris one day and visit the original store.

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On August 3, my second day in Paris, I turned onto Rue Cambon and spotted the Chanel boutique…my dream came true at 17 years old! It was easily the most magical moment of my life. Tears of happiness streamed down my face. I was overwhelmed; I couldn’t believe that my dream came true. I was the happiest I have ever been in my entire life.

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I couldn’t stop snapping pics of the boutique…so classy and elegant! It completely took my breath away. The window displays were absolutely stunning. I’m totally obsessing over those shoes on the left!

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A walk up the grand marble staircase in the boutique will lead you to Mademoiselle Chanel’s apartment. Only the elite in the fashion world get to visit upstairs (Rachel Zoe for example) but that’s just incentive for me to work even harder in the industry to earn the status to visit the apartment!

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Chanel sure did love her marble! The iconic logo is printed on the ground in front of the main entrance of the boutique and I couldn’t wait to take a #shoestagram! Every inch of this boutique is beautifully crafted…I didn’t expect anything less from Chanel!

This magical moment in Paris is something that I will remember forever. I am so grateful that my dream came true at such a young age and I will never take that for granted. Maybe next visit to Paris I will make a purchase in the store…a pink classic flap perhaps!?

xo, Lexie





Everyday Spring Makeup Faves

Hello readers! It’s finally starting to feel a bit more like Spring as each day passes by…the sun is staying out longer and the air is getting warmer and I couldn’t be any more happy about it. Every morning this past week I have been getting up and running to my bedroom window to see if the buds started to form on the trees…can you tell I’m excited for everything to bloom!? Well, just as the seasons change so does my everyday makeup routine. In the spring I love wearing lighter, pinky toned makeup because it is so fresh and bright looking. Today I am going to be sharing all of my beauty faves for the springtime! Let’s talk makeup ->  Continue reading