But First, Brunch!

Brunch has and always will be my favorite meal! You simply cannot go wrong with a mix of sweet and savory delicacies, coffee, mimosas and most importantly, great company. My family and I love trying out new places to eat and recently, we were recommended by a friend to try out Wildflour Bakery Cafe. This darling little restaurant is in a gorgeous, historical Victorian style home making for a cozy and warm atmosphere. This menu puts a special spin on classic brunch foods. They’re dishing out unique crepes, omelettes, flatbreads and offer a wide variety of vegan and gluten free options, making this restaurant a pleaser for all lifestyles. I started off the meal by sipping on a delicious almond milk cappuccino that I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of! I followed my cup of joe by ordering a vegan roasted kale and sweet potato crepe served with a vegan chipotle aioli…it was seriously amazing! There is nothing I love more than sitting down to a meal with great people, sharing stories, laughing and enjoying life together.






I can’t wait for many more delicious brunches at Wildflour! What is your favorite brunch place? Make sure to comment your recommendations below!

xo, Lexie

Sweet Treat on the Seine // Paris’ World Famous Ice Cream Shop

I’ve had my fair share of amazing ice cream, so when I heard about Berthillon having quite possibly the best in the world, I had to go and see what all of the hype was about. Walking along the Ile Saint-Louis we spotted the famous shop. I knew immediately this place was going to be incredible…the line stretched all the way to the other side of the street, with people tagging on nearly every second. We hopped on the end, waiting anxiously with very high expectations.

The scenic views of the Seine made for a quite enjoyable wait in line. The serene and still vibrant green water glistened as the sun danced across it. The warm temperatures and sunny skies made it the perfect day to stop for a sweet afternoon treat!



The line moved quickly and before I knew it, it was our turn to order. I took a look at the flavor board and knew it was going to be tough to pick…everything sounded so delicious! Flavors ranged from vanilla, to pistachio, to goji berry, sure to satisfy every type of sweet tooth. I ended up choosing one scoop of mango and one scoop of melon in a waffle cone!


I couldn’t have been more happy with the flavors I chose! So bright, light, and refreshing to help cool things down on this warm day in the city. The ice cream was easily the most rich and velvety I have ever had. Savoring every bite, I wished it was never-ending. Although a bit pricy, you are surely paying for luxurious and sophisticated ice cream…so worth the price and wait in line! Berthillon certainly makes some of the best in the world…10/10 would definitely recommend!

Stopping here is a must when in Paris! Have you ever been? What’s your favorite flavor?

xo, Lexie